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Epilation is considered to be one of the modern, safe and effective methods of hair removal. The needle is inserted into the follicle and sends an electric current through the hair root, destroys germ cells which are responsible for hair growth. Due to epilation the unwanted hair is removed from the skin right from the root, so the hair destroys and it takes a very long time for the hair to grow again. Besides due to this method the hair growth decreases, the new growing hair becomes thinner, and the hair disappears after some epilation procedures. But preventing the hair growth depends on the individual, because different people have different kinds of skin and the hair thickness and density are also different.

To get the final result, the epilation must be done continuously. It is done in any part of the skin but it is not recommended to do epilation under arms, because some problems may be caused related to sweating.

The unwanted hair disappears more quickly if no kind of hair removal method was done in that part before. In case of necessity local anaesthesia is done in the part of the body.


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